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  • Introduction to a bed board application in clinical nursing work
  • Editor:Hangzhou Jiang Hao medical instruments Co., Ltd.Date:2017-06-14 15:20 Click:

refers to the process of bed patients from the bedroom bed to another bed, in clinical nursing to critically ill patients to bed without discomfort, smooth, and medical personnel are not physical damage to help patients over the bed in.

1, use the bed only three simple steps: release the patients on both sides of the bed sheets, in patients receiving close to the lathe bed side, transfer out and grab the shoulder and pelvis in patients with sheets, patients will be slightly inclined to the direction of metastasis, the recipient bed edge to patients. Put the transfer immediately with the patient, the bed seat had a bed sheet, bed and receiving part in bed, forming a smooth Bridge

2, seize the recipient levels in patients with breast and femur in sheets, patients will be moved to its direction, at the same time transfer also assist gently elevation patients, patients with comfortable and simple slide to the receiving vehicle central.

3, hold a carrying handle transfer, transfer out of board.

The above is to introduce about a bed, Hangzhou Jiang Hao medical instrument limited company provides pneumatic tourniquet and patient transfer board, bed board, automatic tourniquet and other products for our customers, if you want to know more, you are welcome to call to consult!